Our commitments

Whit 10 years of experience  our company bring a new approach to the accessories retail channel.

The commitment to innovation and to customers needs has enabled us to introduce our automatic displays in the hotel industry.

Our main goals is to offer:

- Accessories where the customers needs it most

- Exclusive automatic displays adapted to the hotel environment

- Most updated products

- Exclusive automatic displays adapted to the hotel environment

Over 700,000 happy customers

We handle thousands of monthly sales, offering a service appreciated by the customers where they need it most. Every day travelers trust our automatic store to solve they mobile accessories needs.

This is the result of our operational capacity and an advanced telemetric monitoring system.

The real-time monitoring of sales allows us to offer operational excellence and an ability to instantly solve any event.



Guestore offer a wide catalog of tech accessories in our exclusive and stunning automatic displays. With extremely low footprint the displays can fit in any central location in the hotel lobby.  Thanks to the customized front panel, the external look and fill can be adapted to any interior design, with a wide variety of luxury wood or other texture finish.